Spring/Summer 2013

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Horses in Art Magazine

An International bi-annual publication dedicated to presenting fine art and the equestrian lifestyle inspired by the majestic beauty and love of the horse

Devine Equine


Gene Devine in Horses in Art magazine

I would love to say my black and white equine photography is a pure and original expression, but that’s not the case.

I stumbled across this style several years ago while working on my photography degree. An associate from a sister school was at her barn one night with her camera when someone was putting their horse away. It was dark out, save the one light mounted well above the entrance to the barn, and she took the shot as they were walking inside. She liked the shot well enough, but for me it was transformational. I told her I was going to pursue this as a style, and soon after I began a special project that would allow me to explore shooting horses at night. I have never looked back.
Gene Devine in Horses in Art magazine
When you talk to artists who work with horses, regardless of medium, the most common thing you hear is the desire to capture the spirit, energy or essence of the horse. I love this style because I feel it provides a window into the spirit unencumbered and undistracted by flora, fauna, and everyday surroundings. It is the juxtaposition of raw power and delicate beauty that, for me, communicates the profound link between mankind and nature.

As the equine community well knows, horses have played a central role in the advancement of humankind for thousands of years, and only since the industrial revolution have we seen a split where generations have now grown up with little to no contact with horses. As Buck Brannaman so ominously states in his workshops, there may be a day in the future when the only place we see horses will be the city zoo. Consequently I am on a mission of sorts, to reintroduce horses to “mainstream America.”
Gene Devine in Horses in Art magazine
My goal with this body of work and the book I plan to publish at the end of this year is to reach the people who don’t identify themselves as “horse people.” I would like urbanites and city-dwellers to feel this bond of trust, this spiritual connection. The long-term fate of the horse population is in everyone’s hands, and I want this group of people to know that you can love and Learn more about Photographer Gene Devine at www.devine-images.com appreciate these animals without ever setting foot on a ranch.

I have been blessed because most of my clients have grown up with a love, appreciation, and relationship with horses, although very few had seen them presented this way. This style is often compared to lighting a human fine art nude or figure study. For me, the absence of fields and fences, mountains and sky, allow the viewer to be completely immersed in the beautiful paradox of beauty and power.

It is difficult to articulate the rewards that come from this form of intimate equine photography. With each new commission, I meet horses and people that often become and remain friends and enrich my life immensely. When you feel a calling it colors the way you view and approach everything in life. As I continue to explore this interpretation of the horse, I hope I can bring that sense of intimacy and kinship to cities and suburbs that don’t have these blessings in their everyday life. Gene Devine at Horses in Art magazine




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