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Horses in Art Magazine

An International quarterly publication dedicated to presenting fine art and the equestrian lifestyle inspired by the majestic beauty and love of the horse

The "Four-Legged" Mission of Horses in Art


Our mission is to celebrate, inspire and benefit “all things horse!”

In the magnificent beauty of horses there is a spirit that resonates in our souls and makes us dream of open horizons, the wind in our hair and unbridled freedom. Horses in Art (HIA) is the only publication that combines the interests of the horse lover and the equine art lover, giving us wider appeal and a more diverse audience! Thus, we are dedicated to showcasing equine art and lifestyle, while also bringing awareness and support for horses and their contributions to humankind, the talented artists who are inspired by them and the organizations and activists who want to help them. Within its many pages of beautiful color spreads, compelling articles and tasteful advertising, HIA has an ongoing four-point mission which keeps artists, writers, fundraising organizations, advertisers and subscribers impassioned and supportive of our unique combination of offerings:


• Promotion of fine equine art and the equestrian lifestyle
• Support of artists who are inspired by the magnificent beauty and spirit of the horse
• Education about the evolving contribution of horses in therapeutic settings
• Awareness of negligent and abusive horse practices and support for the rescue organizations, artists and activists dedicated to helping these majestic creatures


Content of Horses In Art

The response from artists and readers to HIA’s high-quality content since our acquisition has been tremendous -- so we plan to continue giving them “more of the same but different” while we grow and expand the diversity of our content. Over the next year we will be adding some new artist-inspired regular features and coverage of current topics, as well as a running calendar of upcoming equine art events. All of these will help to fulfill our “four-legged mission” to ensure that HIA evolves into an indispensable supporting presence in the equine art, awareness and philanthropy realms as detailed below:

1. Equine art and the equestrian lifestyle. People who love horses live horses -- and there is a big wide world of equine art in many different media to carry the spirit of horses into our homes and with us wherever we go. Thus HIA features the horse in paintings, photography, sculpture, home decor, fashion and wearable art, jewelry, pottery, mosaics, travel, entertainment, books and more. Horse lovers and art lovers are found in every demographic, and HIA draws this diverse audience together through the diversity of our offerings -- which all have in common, of course, the horse!

Horses In Art advertisers and featuresHorses In Art advertisers and featuresHorses In Art advertisers and featuresHorses In Art advertisers and features


2. Equine artists of all kinds. While many of our featured artists are well-known artists and authors, teachers, healers and activists in equine realms, we delight in promoting artists who are not “over-exposed” by licensing agents and the commercial mainstream. Artists who have a deep commitment to the beauty, spirit and evolving roles and contributions of horses partner with the horse in their creations. You can feel it in the soul of their finished work -- whether their art is a painting, a photograph, a sculpture, a story or a beautiful equine-inspired necklace. Here is a sampling of some of the artists we have featured:


Jack Stevens ~ Sculptor, who recently installed a commissioned work of wild Mustangs at MidwesternUniversity. We featured Jack’s touching life story as a “rescued human”from abuse and homelessness and theimpact of horses on his life and art: “I was too young to know to be afraid, and the horses figured I was too small to be a threat.” Spending time with the colts and training them came naturally to him and they became his passion and the heart of his art.
• Sandra Wallin ~ Horse lover, writer, owner and teacher of Chiron’s Way for Equine Guided Development. Sandra’s mission: “What I want to share is a new way of looking at horses through stories that pay homage to the master artist in each horse…transforming the at times tattered canvas of the human spirit into glowing masterpieces, alive with the colors of love, compassion and joy.”
• Brady Willette ~ Photographer & awareness-activist. With his “War Pony” project now featured at The Smithsonian National Museum, Brady says: "I wanted to make a contemporary connection between the Indian nation and the horse nation. To me, it’s about the loss of freedom, something I think everyone identifies with. I can’t stop thinking how badly things worked out for the Native Americans. The plight of our wild horses brings it all back.”

Horses In Art advertisers and features

3. Horses in therapeutic settings. One of HIA’s best-loved missions is to bring awareness through inspirational stories about the profound kindness and therapeutic gifts that horses freely give in helping to heal everything from broken hearts and homes to abuse and autism. Below are three organizations that we feel are really on track in evolving the contribution of horses to capacities other than their historic roles in transportation, plowing, racing and breeding.


• Therapeutic Riding of Tuscon (www.trotarizona.org): Addresses special needs using therapeutic equine programs to improve physical, mental, social and emotional well-being while developing educational, recreational and vocational opportunities. Also provides direct therapy services by licensed medical professionals.
Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch (www.crystalpeaksyouthranch.org): Serves all children between the ages of 5 and 18, combining “disadvantaged” and healthy kids who don’t normally have access to horses. Fosters understanding, inspiration and hope.
The Horse Boy Foundation (www.horseboyfoundation.org): Serves children with autism and neuro-psychiatric conditions to foster communication and connection.

Horses In Art advertisers and features

Horses In Art advertisers and features4. Horse rescue organizations, activists and initiatives. Rescue organizations are overflowing with the causes of neglected, unwanted and abused horses that can benefit from our publication. Thousands of wild and disadvantaged horses are being removed from open lands and other habitats to be herded into small holding pens. While many unwanted horses consist of neglectful and irresponsible owners, others come from farms who over-breed for the harvesting of pharmaceuticals. Unwanted foals are often needlessly shipped off to auctions and slaughterhouses for eventual human and pet consumption. Through awareness brought to the public in the form of feature articles, art, art sales and advertising, as well as fund-raising supported by the sale of HIA subscriptions through rescue organizations, philanthropic efforts for horses now have a marketing advantage with HIA. Here are some of the organizations we have partnered with to benefit disadvantaged horses:



Return to Freedom (www.returntofreedom.org/sanctuary): Dedicated to preserving the freedom, diversity and habitat of America's wild horses through sanctuary, education and conservation, while enriching the human spirit through direct experience with the natural world. HIA dedicated a 4-page article on the sanctuary, as well as another 4-page article on photographer, Tony Stromberg, an advocate and supporter of Return to Freedom.
Saving America’s Mustangs (www.savingamericasmustangs.org), A Foundation for the Preservation of America's Wild Horses, established by Mrs. T. Boone (Madeleine) Pickens, who has a passionate commitment to the dignity and important eco-system of the wild horse: Developing Spruce Mountain Ranch, a 550,000 acre Eco-Horse Sanctuary that will accommodate over 1,000 horses to run free who have been rescued from neglect, abuse or potential slaughter. HIA donated free advertising, including full-page ads as well as a 6-page article about their mission.
The Cloud Foundation (www.thecloudfoundation.org): Dedicated to the preservation of wild horses on our public lands, and the protection of Cloud's herd in the Arrowhead Mountains of Montana. HIA promoted their products and article/publicity also to Carol Walker, horse photographer.
PMU Rescue (www.PMURescue.org); Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary (www.FoalRescue.com); Susan Williams and Wind Horse One (www.WindHorseOne.com); Anna Twinney and Reach Out to Horses (ReachOutToHorses.com): These are organizations and artists who are involved in rescuing foals taken away too early from mares who are kept continually impregnated and confined to harvest large quantities of pregnant mare urine for Premarin and Prempro hormone replacement therapy for women. HIA featured a 3-page article to bring awareness and promote ongoing rescue efforts.


Our Contributors

Currently HIA has a number of contributing writers who often donate their editorials and articles because of their love of horses, commitment to equine awareness and the high quality of HIA magazine. Most of these are published authors and are well known in the horse community. We are especially grateful to the following core group, which is continually growing with the numbers of writers and artists seeking to contribute:

- Corinne Joy Brown: Freelance journalist for a number of western magazines and periodicals, and author of several books dealing with western life, ranching and horses (MacGregor’s Lantern, Sanctuary Ranch, Wishful Watoosi-The Horse That Wished He Wasn’t). 30-year co-owner of Roche Bobois International Design in Littleton, Colorado.
- Lesley Harrison: Author, art teacher, equine artist and winner of a “herd” of professional honors and awards for technical excellence in pastels by the Pastel Society of America, the Pastel Society of the West Coast and other arts organizations. Lesley is also the author of two books published by Walter Foster, Painting Animals That Touch the Heart and How to Draw and Paint Horses and Ponies.
- L.A. Pomeroy: Photojournalist, digital correspondent and equinista specializing in compelling writing with a twist that celebrates the timeless allure of the equestrian lifestyle. 2010 AHP Best Freelance Equestrian Print Journalist, 2008 AHP Best Feature finalist and official media liaison for the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. Ms. Pomeroy has exceptional experience in Olympic Equestrian sports history and trivia, and she enjoys respect from the uppermost echelons of the international equestrian sports world.
- Sandra Wallin: Teacher and counselor in collaboration with her horses Grace and Chiron for her Equine Guided Development programs at Chiron’s Way. Contributing writer to Horse as Teacher: The Path to Relationship series which honors horses as teachers and healers for their ability to help transform lives.
- Kim McElroy: Equine artist, author and teacher. Through her mastery of pastels, Kim celebrates the movement of horses and the spiritual wisdom they embody with a style that author-teacher Linda Kohanov calls “archetypal realism.” Kim is artist and collaborator with Kohanov for Way of the Horse collection published by New World Library, which includes a book and card set and a full color journal featuring Kim’s art. As a teacher, Kim fosters connection with the spirit of the horse for its soulful wisdom and healing presence.


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