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Horses in Art Magazine

An International biannual publication dedicated to presenting fine art and the equestrian lifestyle inspired by the majestic beauty and love of the horse

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Horses In Art, the only publication of its kind, is dedicated to presenting fine art inspired by the image of the uncomprising spirit of the horse to those who admire it. Horses In Art is written for the first-time art buyer, avid art collector and those who are drawn to the beauty of the horse, the romance of the equestrian lifestyle and the amazing gifts that come in all forms from horses everywhere. It transcends geographic, economic and social boundaries by offering true experiences, artisan beginnings and stories that help us remember the blessings we have in our equine friends.



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Testimonials from our satisfied advertisers:


“I want you to know that the response has been wonderful. In fact, I had a call just a few minutes ago, ordering a MarzWind print, and wanting info on other artwork. A gallery back east wants to carry my prints and cards after seeing your magazine, and other good things are happening! Thank you for your beautiful publication and all your hard work.” – Artist BK England

“I have been contacted by a couple of people who want to buy one of my original paintings! Thanks, and the painting that was in my ad a while back was accepted into a prestigious juried show. Things are going well and your publication is part of the reason.” – Artist Melissa Mattis

“I had a call from the East coast from someone who is sending pictures and ordering a portrait. He saw my ad in Horses in Art and like the look of my work. Thank you!” – Artist Margo Petterson

“I got an email the other day from a gallery in Florida. They want some of my art. They saw my ad in your magazine. The power of advertising!” – Artist William St. George


Interested in Advertising with Horses In Art?

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About Horses in Art

Our mission is to celebrate, inspire and benefit “all things horse!” In the magnificent beauty of horses there is a spirit that resonates in our souls and makes us dream of open horizons, the wind in our hair and unbridled freedom. Horses in Art (HIA) is the only publication that combines the interests of the horse lover and the equine art lover, giving us wider appeal and a more diverse audience! Thus, we are dedoneicated to showcasing equine art and lifestyle, while also bringing awareness and support for horses and their contributions to humankind, the talented artists who are inspired by them and the organizations and activists who want to help them. picture

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